I have decided to sell three of the trucks after all.   

All three are 1978's. one has a bad frame, the other two are fine.

1 has AC. 3 original motors. 1 running in truck and the other two

have been professionally rebuilt. I honestly have around $20,000

invested in these trucks. I will let them go for $15,000.  I believe I

have enough parts to build one complete truck. yes they are

somewhat dismantled @ this time. I don't have the money, time or

the resources right now to start restoration. I don't want to sell these

but finances are forcing me too. plus I am now having to head back

to Louisiana to help my family out with the flooding.  Sorry the pics

are not so good. I have a bad back and don't have any help in order

to move trucks to take better pics. I am selling the shop they are

stored in and I cant store them any longer. Phone or text.  Angus Barclay - email, call 406 223 0517