Decal location for Li’l Red Express truck

·      78 & 79 WOOD CARE DECAL - located above and left of the fuel spout.

·      78 & 79 A.C. COMPRESSOR DECAL - located on top of air compressor.

·      79 STARTING INSTRUCTIONS- Located on sun visor driver side.

·      79 AIR CLEANER VACUUM DIAPHRAM DECAL - located on the passenger side top of the diaphragm.

       ’78 EMISSIONS DECAL – left valve cover toward the rear.

·      79 VALVE COVER UPC DECAL - located on the drivers side forward on top of valve cover, toward the front.

·      79 UNLEADED ONLY DECAL - located on dash on the flat surface to the upper left of the speedometer.

·      79 UNLEADED EXTERIOR DECAL - located on the bed over the gas filler spout.

·      78 & 79 BRAKE BOOSTER DECAL - located on the brake booster to the left (drivers side) of master cylinder.

·      79 VACUUM HOSE ROUTING DECAL - located on the passenger side front of hood.

·      78 & 79 JACK INSTRUCTIONS - located on the passenger side front of hood.

        78 CANADA MANUFACTURE DECAL – B pillar – driver side.

  *Please Note: decal locations on Dodge products always vary slightly.  Exact locations depended on the employee disposition and plant instructions.  SG

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